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February 23 2012


What is the primary cause of hemorrhoids and how to treat them?

The primary cause of hemorrhoids is poor digestive health. Most modern diets include a lot of fast foods, which lack fiber. This is something our bodies are not used to. Fortunately, this can be easily corrected in a matter of hours and once it is – you will be well on your way to permanently eliminating hemorrhoids. Other factors include stress and obesity. Hemorrhoids are an issue that is linked to many factors of your health and in order to eliminate them permanently you need to improve all aspects of your health. This is not as complex as it might sound and you can do this very quickly.

How to best treat hemorrhoids and piles

The way most people deal with hemorrhoids is through prescription medication. This is unfortunate since this approach will not help you stop your hemorrhoids. Provided that you follow some simple rules, you will be able to eliminate hemorrhoids from your life. Many doctors will give you the exact factors that you need to improve and teach you how to properly treat hemorrhoids. In rare cases, hemorrhoids can be related to a vitamin deficiency. For the most part, fixing your diet and including a lot of natural foods in it is the only thing you need to do in order to resolve this health problem. 

A common cause of hemorrhoids is eating too much red meat. This irritates your digestive system and causes it to shut down. Keep in mind that it takes years for a bad diet to cause hemorrhoids and by that point people are so used to it that they don’t want to change it. It is absolutely vital that you change your diet and eliminate all the fast foods from it. Sugar can also cause lot of problem in people who have hemorrhoids. This is because it causes blood pressure spikes, which negatively affect your whole digestive system.

Fortunately, all dietary factors can be easily improved in your favor by eliminating all the harmful foods from your diet. One of the most common things that people with hemorrhoids do is they keep treating them with medication or creams, while keeping their current diets. You should realize that eliminating the root of the problem is what’s important – not treating the symptoms as they appear. Even doctors make this mistake sometimes and prescribe medication to patients without informing them on all the other changes they need to make. Unless you remove the primary cause of hemorrhoids, they will keep appearing.

 There are several things that you can do if you are not willing to change your diet. You can start eating more protein and less nutrient-dense foods. The main problem with modern diets and the main reason they cause hemorrhoids is that they are too calorie-dense. This causes all sorts of problems and leads to incomplete digestion.

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